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Accident and Emergency claims can occur due to errors or delays in making a diagnosis and in some cases, a failure to make a diagnosis at all. Accident and emergency is the often the first department that an injured person will arrive at. It is the job of the A&E doctor to assess the patient and ensure that they are referred to the correct specialty. Sometimes a doctors do not realize that a patient is critically ill and fail to make the referral as quickly as they should or, in some cases, do not make the referral at all.

Accident and Emergency Claims can happen as a result of:

  • Failure to admit patients and discharging them instead
  • Misinterpreting results, for example a failure to read x-rays correctly or misreading blood test results
  • A failure to examine a patient correctly or note their symptoms
  • A failure to take a patient’s history
  • A failure to carry out correct investigations including x-rays, scans and blood tests

Common cases are those of failure to identify fractures and meningitis.

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