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Anaesthetic Awareness Compensation Claims

Anaesthetic awareness claims generally arise out of cases where patients fail to receive anaesthesia to a satisfactory standard. This is where the doctors have not calculated correctly what dose of drugs to give a patient causing them to wake up during surgery. Successful anaesthetic negligence compensation claims will be for the pain, suffering and shock that a patient might experience.

Circumstances that give rise to anaesthetic awareness Compensation claims:

  • Failure to administer local anaesthetic correctly
  • Delay and failure to diagnose nerve damages following anaesthetic
  • Failure to administer general anaesthetic correctly
  • Inadequate administration of anaesthetic
  • Failure in reviewing a patient’s medical notes
  • Incorrectly trained Medical Practitioner administering anaesthetic
  • A delay or failure in monitoring a patient
  • Brain damage due to a failure to correctly intubate resulting in a patient not receiving enough oxygen
  • Nerve injuries through negligent damage caused by injections, epidurals and nerve blocks
  • Other anaesthesia errors

At Universa Law, our team of specialists will ensure that you receive the highest level of compensation according to anesthesia awareness lawsuit in UK. We work with you to build a winning case and provide the support that both you and your family need to cope with the potentially life altering results of anaesthetic errors.

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