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Cosmetic Dentistry Claim

A common procedure that is undertaken for cosmetic dentistry is the placement of veneers or tooth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry claims arise when treatment that has been undertaken voluntarily goes wrong and causes more damage.

A Cosmetic Dentistry Negligence may arise because of:

  • A dentist did not carry out proper pre-operative trials such as showing the patient a mock-up of what the teeth will look like
  • After placing the veneer the dentist fails to check that the bite is correct
  • A dentist may remove too much of the tooth surface before fitting the veneer
  • A failure to note that a tooth is showing signs of decay

If you believe that you may have a negligent cosmetic dentistry then please contact our Specialist Dental Solicitors on 020 3405 2860 or e-mail or complete our short form.

All enquiries are completely free of charge and we will investigate all funding options for you including Legal Aid and ‘No Win No Fee’.