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delayed diagnosis Claims

Delayed diagnosis claims are the result of a medical practitioners failing to spot the warning signs of a medical problem. These errors can lead to delayed treatment or no treatment at all. This can make a patient’s condition much worse and in some cases may even cause the patient to die. When treatment is delayed there is a risk that:

  • There will be prolonged suffering
  • Surgery needs to be done which may have been avoidable with earlier intervention
  • Damage could be done to internal organs
  • A significant impact on normal daily life
  • A reduction in life expectancy
  • Death

If you believe that there has been a failure to properly diagnose a medical condition please contact our delayed diagnosis compensation solicitors on 020 3405 2860 or e-mail or complete our short form.

All enquiries are completely free of charge and we will investigate all funding options for you including Legal Aid and ‘No Win No Fee’.