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Missed Diagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis Claims

When you are ill it is important that the clinicians caring for you identify the problem quickly so you can begin receiving the correct treatment. Diagnosing medical conditions can sometimes present a challenge and require a number of different tests. However, some medical conditions present with very specific symptoms and doctors who are paying attention should not miss these signs. When obvious warning signs of a serious medical condition are missed it can result in the patient not receiving the treatment they need. If this happens the patient may be able to bring delayed diagnosis compensation claim.

A delay in receiving treatment can have a number of problems these include:

  • Arriving at a situation where treatment is no longer possible
  • A spread of the condition making treatment more difficult
  • The need for more surgeries
  • The need for a longer more complicated recovery
  • Secondary complications such as damage to other organs

Our specialist Solicitors have experience dealing with a wide range of these types of cases.

Below are some of the more common illnesses that result in delayed diagnosis claims:

  • Cancers
  • Fractures
  • Neurological conditions
  • Bowel problems such as obstructions

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