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Delayed Referral claims

It is important that a GP recognises when a patient is presenting with symptoms which could be caused by a more serious medical condition such as cancer and make an appropriate referral for further investigation at hospital or offer the patient appropriate advice of what red flag symptoms they need to lookout for. When delays happens a patient’s condition can deteriorate and after a certain period of time it may no longer be possible to treat an individual. This is often the case with cancer patients because cancer is a disease which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Delayed referral leads to a delayed diagnosis which leads to a delay in receiving treatment. When you are ill time is of the essence and a few months can be the difference between a patient who can be treated successfully and one that is terminally ill.

When treatment is delayed there is a risk that:

  • There will be prolonged suffering
  • Surgery needs to be done which may have been avoidable with earlier intervention
  • Damage could be done to internal organs
  • A significant impact on normal daily life
  • A reduction in life expectancy
  • Death

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