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Dental Implant Claims

Dental implants are made from material such as metal and fixed into the jaw bone when teeth are missing or if teeth need additional support when other dental work is being undertaken. When something goes wrong with implants a patients may be able to make dental implant claims.

dental implant cases can arise out of a number of factors which include:

  • A failure by the dentist to properly explain what an implant is
  • A failure by the dentist to carry out a proper oral examination before installing an implant
  • By placing an implant when there is insufficient bone to affix it to
  • A failure to treat an underlying dental problem such as abscess or gum disease
  • Causing damage to facial nerves

If you believe that you may have dental implant negligence claims then please contact our Dental Negligence Solicitors on 020 3405 2860 or e-mail or complete our short form.

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