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Root Canal Treatment claims

Root canal treatment claims can happen when a dentist does not conduct the root canal treatment properly. For example a dentist may not remove all of the infected pulp before filling the tooth. This means that the infection has been left behind and further dental treatment will be necessary.

Root canal negligence can happen because:

  • The whole of the infected pulp is not removed
  • The dentist does not treat the underlying cause of the infection such as a dental abscess
  • Perform the procedure on the wrong tooth
  • Incomplete root filling
  • Failing to note that an instrument has broken during the procedure
  • Failing to make an appropriate referral to an endodontist

If you believe that you may have a negligent treatment of root canal then please contact our specialist Dental Negligence solicitors on 020 3405 2860 or e-mail or complete our short form.

All enquiries are completely free of charge and we will investigate all funding options for you including Legal Aid and‘No Win No Fee’.