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Failure of Medical Device Claims

Failure of medical device claims can when equipment used by doctors when treating patients does not work as it should. Sometimes these devices can fail completely or not work as intended because they have not been used correctly. When this happens it can cause injury to patients.

Typical medical device failure claims can include the following:

  • Perforation by the contraceptive coil (MIRENA Coil)
  • Leaving medical equipment and devices behind after surgery which can cause infection and sometimes sepsis
  • A misdiagnosis due to a medical equipment failure leading to inappropriate treatment
  • A deterioration of the patient’s health due to the medical device not working properly
  • Poorly designed equipment
  • Incorrect handling and storing of devices and equipment
  • Failing to follow procedures such as ensuring equipment is sterile before coming into contact with a patient

Medical device failures can be disastrous for the patient. They can cause additional injuries to those already being treated and often require subsequent surgical intervention to correct the problem. The most common problems are seen in Orthopaedic revision surgeries, particular two stage revisions. Sometimes, mesh used in hernia operations can fail (mesh erosion) resulting in serious injury to the patient’s abdominal wall. Inter-uterine Contraceptive Devices can migrate if they are installed at the wrong time or negligently.

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