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Incorrect Administration of Medication claims

Many people in care homes need to regular medication to control their long term health problems or treat acute. For example a diabetic needs to receive their insulin. Sometimes incorrect administration of medication compensation claims can happen and this can cause the underlying medical condition to get worse and for older and frail people this can have significant consequences to their general quality of life. It is also important that care home staff do not give residents medication that has not been prescribed to them as to do so could cause an allergic reaction which in some cases can be fatal. When incorrect administration of medication happens the patient might be able to make a claim for incorrect administration of medication compensation.

Below are some of the measures staff should take to ensure medication is administered correctly:-

  • Keep proper records
  • Ensure care plans are to date and clearly identify what medication the resident needs
  • Storing medication correctly and securely
  • Making sure that when medication is administered that a clear note is made
  • Making sure that regular medication supplies are not allowed to get too low before requesting a repeat prescription from the resident's GP.

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