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Medication Error Claims

When a GP writes a prescription it is paramount that it is correct and does not include any medication errors. Failure to take care can result in a patient getting medication that they are allergic to or not getting medication that they need to treat a medical condition meaning they may be able to make medication errors compensation claims. As well as prescription errors incorrect medication claims can be made against a Pharmacist (dispensing errors). It is important that these medication errors in UK do not happen because you should only take medication that has been prescribed for you at the correct dosage.

The following are a list of problems that can occur when a patient unknowingly takes the incorrect medication:

  • Suffer allergic reactions
  • Suffer symptoms of a medical condition that their medicine should prevent
  • Suffer complications as a result of a medical condition not being controlled properly

If you believe that you may have a medication errors in care homes then please contact our Medical Negligence solicitors on 020 3405 2860 or e-mail or complete our short form.

All enquiries are completely free of charge and we will investigate all funding options for you including Legal Aid and‘No Win No Fee’.