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Pressure Sores Claims

A pressure sores (also known as pressure ulcers / bedsores) develop when the continuous pressure on an area of the skin prevents the blood from reaching it and properly oxygenating it. Without oxygen the tissue becomes damaged and will eventually die which can cause deep painful open sores and infection. Older people who have reduced mobility, perhaps because they are bedbound, are at the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers. Unfortunately, even with the best possible care pressure ulcers can still develop. However there are a number of things that care home staff should be doing to minimise this risk. 

Some of the preventative measures include:

  • Regular turning and moving of residents who confined to their beds.
  • Ensuring those who are mobile are encourages to move and get blood circulating.
  • Prevision of pressure relieving equipment such as specialist mattresses.
  • Acting promptly and treating the early stages of pressure sores. This may be by applying special creams or seeking the assistance of a specialist Tissue Viability Nurse.

If proper pressure relieving techniques are not implemented and pressure sores develop there may be grounds to make pressure sore compensation claims. Pressure sores claims often require specialist nursing opinion and our medical negligence solicitors are able to help with the process.

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